Solo exhibitions /choice

1978 - Cartoons, Galerie Mladých - Brno
1979 - 60th Salon of cartoons, Malostranská beseda - Prague
1980 - Roughed pictures, Malá galerie Čs. spisovatele - Brno
1982 - Roughed pictures, Zámecká galerie - Valtice
Cartoons, Dům pánů z Kunštátu -Brno
1983 - Cartoons, House of Arts - Znojmo
1985 - Cartoons, Dům československé kultury - Bucharest - Romania
1986 - Roughed pictures, Zámecká galerie - Moravská Třebová
1987 - Roughed pictures, Galerie Dílo - Jihlava
Roughed pictures, Galerie Zlatá ulička - Prague
Cartoons, Galerie Studánka - Brno
Roughed pictures, Galerie Dílo - Brno
1990 - Cartoons, Galerie v Předsálí - Blansko
Cartoons, Galerie Dílo - Brno
1991 - Cartoons and roughed pictures /with V. Švejdová, Z. Kyselková and J. Ondrušová/, Galerie S´Presshaus - Herrn Baumgarten - Austria
1992 - Cartoons, Malá galerie VÚVEL - Brno
1993 - Cartoons, Foyer in Janáček theatre - Brno
1996 - Pictures 1990 - 95, Galerie města Blanska
Roughed pastels and cartoons, Galerie Křížovníků - Prague
1997 - Roughed pastels and cartoons, Galerie Bohemica - Hannover - Germany
1998 - Roughed pastels and cartoons, Galerie Hřebíček - Brno
1999 - Roughed pastels and cartoons, House of Culture - Bechyně - ESBU
2000 - Roughed pastels, Galerie Eva - Bystřice nad Perštejnem
Roughed pastels and cartoons, State castle - Bruntál
Roughed pastels and cartoons, Theatre in Šumperk
2001 - Roughed pastels and cartoons, Christian club Ucho - Litoměřice
Cartoons, roughed pastels, illustrations of biblical verses - Orlická galerie - Rychnov nad Kněžnou
Illustrations of biblical verses and cartoons - Conference IEF, Aula VŠZ - Prague
Illustrations of biblical verses, Congregation of ČCE - Beroun
Illustrations of biblical verses and roughed pastels, Congregation of BJB - Brno
2002 - Cartoons and illustrations of biblical verses, Theatre - Kolín
Roughed pastels, State castle - Moravská Třebová
Cartoons and biblical illustrations, Museum Dr. B. Horáka - Rokycany
Scenery petrified with amazement, Galerie Kabinet - Brno
2003 - Roughed pastels, Galerie N´ - Blansko
2004 - Cartoons and roughed pastels - Letohrad – Castle library
Illustrations of biblical verses and roughed pastels, Congregation of ČCE - Libčice
Pictures - Galerie O. Kubína - Boskovice
Pictures and miniatures - Community centre Brno - Bystrc
2005 - Humour in the church /with Z. Šorm, D. Ladman and J. Hrubý/, Diocesan museum Plzeň
2006 - Cartoons, biblical illustrations and pastels – Galerie Žlutý kopec, Brno
2007 - Pictures - roughed pastels, Galerie Kruh –State castle Rájec Jestřebí
2008 - Painting from Africa, Gallery of Social Centre - Adamov


  • We breathe air of angels, Prachenske Museum - Pisek, Czech Republic
  • Relax time in area of wilderness, Hrebicek Gallery - Brno, Czech Republic
  • Cartoons, Roughed pastels, Biblic. illustrations, Centre of culture, Velka Bites, Czech Republic
  • Roughed pastels, Cartoons and Biblical illustrations - Gallery of Vilem Wünsche - Havirov, Czech Republic
  • Biblical illustrations, House of Evangelic Church - Brno, Czech Republic
  • Roughed pastels, cartoons and biblical verses, Church of Holy Spirit, Nový Bor, Czech Republic
  • Roughed pastels, Gallery of Albín Polášek, Frenštát, Czech Republic
  • Cartoon, Illustration and Painting, Dooryard of Husovice, Evangelic Church Brno, Czech Republic
  • Cartoon – exhibitions of cartoonists nominated to Prize of Gold Gander, with Robert László Szabo/Hungary, Janusz Kapusta/Poland, Margarita Yancheva /Bulgaria and Mohammad Amin Aghaei/ Iran, Gallery NSB Kremnica Slovakia
  • They will still bear fruit in old age..Psalm 99, 15, Minisalon ESBU, Hotel Atom, Třebíč, Czech Republic
  • Painting, Gallery PEX Letovice, Czech Republic
  • Painting and drawings, Evangelic Church Nosislav, Czech republic
  • Artwork with Photos of Vratislav Hnatek, Biblical festival, Chapel of Holy Wenceslas, Znojmo, Czech Republic
  • Painting, Pex Gallery, Letovice, Czech Republic
  • Others Landscapes and Pictures, Centre of Community, Adamov, Czech Republic
  • Painting, ESBU, Evangelic Church, Janské Lázně, Czech Republic
  • Cartoons , Forfest, Library of Kroměříž, Czech Republic
  • Painting, Gallery of Culture Club, Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic
  • Austerlitz – Roughed Pictures created for M. Štědroň Composition„ Austerlitz“ , Art Club By Three Princes, Brno
  • Painting, Jonas Gallery, Blansko, Czech Republic
  • Illustrations of biblical verses, Hall of Evangelic Church, Brno - Židenice, Czech Republic
  • Painting, 8a Gallery, Brno, togheter with Ceramics of L.Kovaříková, Czech Republic
  • Drawings inspirated by Bible, Evangelic Church, Janské Lázně, Czech Republic
  • Humoroterapia, Brain sneezing Gallery, Prešov - Slovakia
  • On the Wawes of Light and Humor, Mahen‘Library, Slatina, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Humoroterapia by Marie Plotena, Library of University, Prešov, Slovakia
  • Ahoj Nachbarn, / Barták, Slíva, Jelínek, Plotěná, Matuška/ Museum of Cartoon Krems, Austria
  • Painting, Rudic‘Gallery, Rudice, Czech Republic
  • Drawing of Marie Plotena, Culture and Social Centre, Adamov, Czech Republic
  • Pictures known and unknown, Opletalova Gallery, Brno – Czech Republic /off for Covid 19
  • Cartoons of Marie Plotena, Cartoon Gallery Nové Mesto n/V, Slovakia /off for Covid 19
  • Chat with Showing Creation of Marie Plotena, Mary‘ Virgin Church, Prague - Czech Republic / off for Covid 19
  • Landscape for fatal meeting,, Evangelic Church, Přerov – Czech Republic

Up to the present she has presented her work at 86 solo exhibitions. Since 1972 she has taken part in more than 200 group exhibitions of cartoons, pictures, applied art, book and commercial graphic art. Besides the Czech Republic her cartoons were presented mainly at foreign exhibitions in many countries of the world, among others in Mexico, Brazil, USA, Taiwan, Columbia, Cuba, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Russia, China, Austria, Portugal, England, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Canada, etc.

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