Marie Plotěná, Mgr

painter, cartoonist and illustrator.
She finished her studies at Arts and Crafts school in Brno and at College of Education of Masaryk university.
She is a member of Q Association, Czech union of cartoonists, Association Bienále Brno, Union of visual artists and Federation of European cartoonists.
Her cartoons were published in many periodicals, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The cartoons of Marie Plotěná are characterized by a simple outline linear drawing, without shading, by means of which she achieves neat expression and order. The wit is based, among others, on several meanings of the words or on their literal interpretation, and also on absurd situations parodying human activities.
Another important field of her artistic activities are roughed pastels. They are created by the unique technique of the author, consisting in roughing the paper by a sharp point: the result is a structure looking like a bass-relief. Lyrical artistic humour of these pastels is similar to that which is found in the drawings, their composition is more complicated, however.
Marie Plotěná associates in singular synthesis simplicity of expression with abundance of ideas, since 1990s supplemented with untraditionally elaborated biblical subjects.
The creation of Marie Plotěná has been presented in a number of exhibitions, both solo and group ones, in the Czech Republic and abroad. She was often successfully compared with the works of our and foreign artists, particularly authors of cartoons.
Marie Plotena was awarded 31 prizes, fifteen in the Czech Republic and sixteen abroad.

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